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What Scent Keep Bed Bugs Away?

Bed bugs are relentless when it comes to blood meals. These parasites feed on blood from humans and they do not discriminate. Hundreds of bed bug sightings have been reported in the last 12 months in Buffalo, New York. The increase of sightings is believed to have been contributed to the city’s improved public awareness campaign. Whatever the case may be, great emphasis has been placed on bed bugs as of recent. This is part of an effort to bring awareness to the problem, which is working marvelously.

With increase concern due to bed bug infestations, Buffalo residents are searching high and low for effective preventatives. One such bed bug preventative that comes to mind is the essential oil. Essential oils have unique scents that may act as a bed bug deterrent. Evidence shows the bed bug nymph secretes a substance that acts as an adult male bed bug deterrence to protect the females. If this works, it is possible essential oils could be effective as well.

Essential oils are utilized in endless applications, including mood control, odor elimination, energy enhancement, meditation, and skin moisturizing. Researchers with the US Department of Agriculture conducted a study to determine the effectiveness of essential oils in bed bug prevention. The study revealed essential oil scents were ineffective as a bed bug deterrence. The study also showed that the bed bug’s body reacted to specific essential oils.

Essential oils like paraffin, blood orange, spearmint, and silicone may be an effective bed bug deterrence. Most people do not have the option of putting these essential oils to the test because bed bugs are extremely difficult to detect. However, it is possible to run your own studies utilizing various essential oils and other pests.

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