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What Is An Earwig?

The earwig species is a member of the Dermaptera family, which are identified by their cerci “pincer appendages” on the abdomen, long slender body, two antennas, and three sets of legs. The cerci are a third of the size of the earwig’s body, with a slight curvature that becomes more noticeable from the adult female to the adult male. Some earwig species grow a set of wings that only on occasion are utilized for flying. The body ranges from red to dark brown, measuring up to ½ an inch in length, with the exception of the Saint Helena Giant, a species of an earwig that has been recorded at three inches in length. Scientists have identified around 900 Dermaptera species, most of which are found in moderate climates. One of the first signs of earwig existence is a tale that explains how the insect was found living in the human brain, which was accessed through the ear canal.

Why Is My Home Infested With Earwigs?

It cannot be stressed enough that earwigs are opportunist insects, as they will take advantage of a home’s access points beginning in the late fall to prepare for overwintering. Moderately warm, humid, dark areas are preferred to dry, bright, cool areas. If your home has an access point and the essentials of living, earwigs will pick up on it fairly quickly. Even worse, these insect species are what scientists have deemed “nocturnal,” which means they sleep during the day and stay awake at night. Believe it or not, many insects and mammals are nocturnal. So, this behavior is very common. Dark, damp areas like those underneath the kitchen and bathroom sink are the preferred indoor hiding places for these insects.

Do Earwig Infestations Pose Health Risks To Children And Animals?

Earwig infestations are not as common in New York as Cleveland, Ohio, and Detroit, Michigan. In any case, earwigs do not pose a health risk to children or pets. Again, they are more of a nuisance than a health threat to humans. Even the Earwig’s cerci are harmless because they are too weak to penetrate human or animal skin. The only living thing earwigs pose a risk to is plants and crops. In this case, the insect’s cerci will do some major damage to potted plants and crops like corn, green beans, and soybeans. The earwig diet is comprised of rotting organic material. Once an earwig infiltrates your home’s pest barrier, it will not be long before it is detected, especially if you have indoor potted plants. Fortunately, these insects are not dangerous. However, their mere presence in your home is enough to stir anxiety and stress.

How To Eradicate Earwig Infestations Safely?

To eradicate earwig infestations deemed “severe,” commercial-grade pesticides are a necessity. Why commercial-grade pesticides? Severe pest infestations of all forms will go unharmed with standard, over-the-counter pest control products. This is unfortunate because it virtually means these products are useless against severe earwig infestations, leaving victims with no other option but to call on the experts. With our extermination company on your side, your home is guaranteed to be fully pest-free in a timely manner. Pesticides combined with traps and an improved residential barrier will not only eradicate your earwig infestation but also protect your home from future infestations.

When Should I Expect The Exterminator To Arrive?

Immediately upon contacting our local Buffalo office, we will begin scheduling your home for a full visual inspection. We can dispatch a licensed exterminator out to your home within 24 to 48 hours of the initial pest control request.

Is Earwig Pest Control Harmful to The Environment?

Our earwig pest control is comprised of various products and methods. We have a decent selection of pesticides and insecticides of varying strengths and chemical- and organic-based. We strive to protect our clients and their properties before, during, and after treatment. We only utilize pest control products approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) because they have been deemed “safe” for the environment when utilized properly. EPA-approved pesticides are both chemical-based and organic. Please feel free to contact our Buffalo extermination team to learn more about our EPA-approved pest control protocol, prices, and availability.

Is It Possible To Protect A Home Or Business From Future Earwig Infestations?

Once a building is infiltrated by earwigs, the odds of a secondary infestation are extremely high. In fact, the initial insect infestation will do a number on your residential pest barrier, making your home even more vulnerable than ever. When you hire our team of earwig experts, we will work together to rebuild your home’s pest barrier by sealing off all exterior-to-interior access points around windows, doors, plumbing pipes, and electrical wiring. We will also sit down with every member of your household to explain the importance of pest control management in future earwig infestations. Contact our Buffalo, NY extermination team to request your free pest control consultation today.

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