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What Is An Ant?

An ant is a social insect with three sets of legs, a segmented body, and two antennas. The social insect family “Formicidae” is a member of the Hymenoptera order. Social insects include some bee species, wasps, termites, and ants, all of which live in colonies. Soldiers, workers, the queen, and drones. Each member of the ant colony has a list of responsibilities. For example, the worker is responsible for food, shelter, and tunnels for the entire colony. Soldiers, on the other hand, are responsible for the security of the queen and her young. Scientists have reportedly identified between 12,000 and 14,000 ant species, which are very difficult to differentiate between. People, especially young children are intrigued by ants. But, none of these individuals want to share their personal living space with these pests.

Why Is My Home Infested With Ants?

Ants are not only social but also opportunists, as they are always on the search for a new opportunity. Colonies vary in size by the number of members, more members equal a larger colony. The population of the colony is controlled by reproduction, death, and nuptial flight, a process that involves the queen and a few male members. A nuptial flight takes place when the queen and several adult males set out to erect a new nest in a different location. This process is the beginning of a new colony. If your home is infested with ants, it is mainly due to vulnerabilities in the pest barrier, which will be explained more in-depth in the content provided below.

Do Ants Pose Health Risks To Humans And Animals?

Ants have not been linked to parasitic infections in humans or animals. However, scientists have found a link between ants and food-borne illnesses. Members of an ant-infested home are at the highest risk of developing foodborne illnesses related to ant infestations.

How To Eradicate A Full-Blown Ant Infestation?

Ant pest control is a complex process that combines pesticides and traps into a single treatment plan. The process is effective in combating ant infestations, ranging from mild to very severe. Our ant control has proven time and time again to be 100 percent effective in eradicating ants in all phases of the life cycle. Please feel free to contact our Buffalo office  to learn more about our pest control approach to eradicate ant infestations and control the ant population around your home.

Does DIY Pest Control Work For Ant Infestations?

It can be effective, but only when the infestation is mild to moderate. As the infestation continues to expand, the more complex the pest control strategy must be, which is where our extermination team comes into play. We offer a broad range of pest control products – organic, eco-friendly, and chemical-based. Our ant pesticides range from standard- to commercial-grade strength. Access to these high-quality pest control products and methods is only available through an exterminator or extermination company licensed in the State of New York.

When Should I Expect The Exterminator To Arrive At My Home?

Do not hesitate to seek out our advice and expertise in this matter. Our exterminators are on standby to ensure 24- to 48-hour access to our ant control service, in most cases.

Is Ant Pesticides Harmful To The Environment?

Our insecticides and pesticides are recommended by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We rely on the top, EPA-approved brands to deliver maximum results in ant infestations in all severity levels. These professional-grade pest control products are effective in fighting ants in all phases of the life cycle. EPA regulation is designed to protect the public and environment from harmful exposure to the toxins in pest control products.

Is It Possible To Prevent Future Infestations Following An Initial An Infiltration?

Yes and no, depending on the pest control strategy. The initial ant infiltration creates a major problem for property owners. The problem is related to the property’s pest barrier, which was vulnerable at the time of the infiltration. When we enter the picture, our main goal is to eradicate the ant infestation, followed by the rebuilding of your home’s pest barrier. We will work with you to create a doable, realistic pest control strategy to prevent future infestations. We recommend routine visual inspects with optional follow-up pesticide treatment.

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