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Cryonite Treatment

Cryonite is one of the latest techniques for eliminating bedbugs in homes and businesses. Although it is primarily used for bedbugs, it can also be used to kill other crawling insects at all life stages. This method uses CO2 to eliminate bedbugs. One thing to note is that CO2 snow will be applied to the bug’s hiding spots before killing them on contact.

How Cryonite Works

The Cryonite treatment process is simple. When an exterminator uses this technique, they’ll kill bedbugs by freezing them. The freezing process happens very quickly and ensures that the bugs are exposed to extremely low temperatures. The exterminator will use a machine with a specially-designed nozzle to release carbon dioxide snow to kill the bugs.

Dry Ice – Dry ice or frozen dioxide converts directly from ice to gas. Since there is no liquid phase, you don’t have to worry about creating a mess in your business. As a result, this technique can be used around food preparation surfaces, motors, electric outlets, and pipes.

Rapidness –  The rapid speed of Cryonite plays a vital role in its effectiveness. The cooling effect happens rapidly enough to ensure that bedbugs, bedbug larvae, and bedbug eggs are going to be dealt with.

Ergonomic Design – The exterminator will use an ergonomically designed machine and a nozzle with a telescoping feature. Thanks to the goose-neck angle, they can easily apply the Cryonite mixture to the bug’s hiding spots.

Penetration – Cryonite is very effective because it can penetrate deep holes, gaps, and cracks. It is a good choice for treating ling pipes and tubes.

An Eco-Friendly Solution

Cryonite treatments offer numerous perks that homeowners cannot ignore.

  • Exterminators can use it anywhere
  • Cryonite is okay for treating food preparation surfaces
  • Your production live won’t need to stop or the delay can be minimized
  • Guests and homeowners can return much sooner

Why Choose Cryonite?

  • It works great for eliminating crawling pests
  • You can maintain a pesticide-free home
  • Businesses can keep the production line operational
  • Any downtime will be minimized
  • Cryonite treatment is dry with no residue
  • It is safer and easier
  • Cryonite can save you money
  • It is better for the environment

Ready to take care of the bedbugs ruining your life? Well, you’ve found out that Cryonite is a good way to tackle the problem. Contact our office to learn more about our Cryonite bedbug removal services right now.

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Cryonite Freezing Treatment