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What Cockroach Species Is Invading Your Home – Unique Identifying Characteristics!

Cockroach Characteristics – What You Should Know?

Scientists have identified around 4,000 cockroach species, 30 of which have been linked to home infestations. At least five common cockroach species have been reported in Buffalo, New York.

Cockroach infestations are complex, creating complications that prevent quick DIY eradication. Fortunately, not all cockroach species have been linked to home infestations. In fact, some of these insects prefer the outdoors to the living space of humans. With this said, if your home is infested with cockroaches, the key to an easy and quick extermination resolution is identification. The only way to identify a cockroach is through its unique characteristics, such as color, size, number of legs, wings, and antennas. Other characteristics include diet and behavior. Cockroach infestations begin with a single insect. With continuous reproduction, a small cockroach problem will evolve into a full-blown infestation without intervention.

Cockroach Sightings In Buffalo, New York

There are two main cockroach species reportedly found in New York. These include the American and German cockroach species.

German Cockroach Species – The adult female and male measure between ½” to 5/8” inches in length. The body coloration `ranges from light brown to tan. The most unique German cockroach species that may or may not be visible upon sighting is its “racing stripes.” These unique markings can be found on the backside of the cockroach’s head. What makes cockroach infestations so complex is their continuous reproduction, which is common across the species. An adult female can produce up to five egg casing with eggs ranging between 30 and 40 within her lifetime. Like many insect species that invade the human habitat, the German cockroach likes dark, damp, warm areas where the essentials of living are abundant.

American Cockroach Species 

The adult female and male measure between 1-3/8” to 2” in length. The body coloration varies between reddish/brown and light tan, with a unique centralized marking on the back of the head. This is one of the longest-living insect species. Experts believe the extended lifetime of a cockroach is due to its delayed maturity, which takes up to two years. Once the cockroach reaches maturity, it can survive up to 360 more days in controlled environments. The delayed maturity may also result in a delayed infestation. This basically means if a cockroach that has not reached maturity invades your home, it can take between 6 to 48 months to start reproducing, resulting in a delayed infestation. The American cockroach species can be found in sewage and plumbing systems, where it is dark, damp, and resources are abundant.

The least common cockroach species sightings in Buffalo, New York include the Surinam, Oriental, Pennsylvania wood, Smokey brown, Brown-banded, and the Mediterranean spotted.

Surinam Cockroach Species

Measures up to ¾” in length, with a dark brown body and tan wings. Unlike the German and American cockroach species, the Surinam cockroach has a head plate that is one solid color, ranging between dark brown and black. The preferred environment is moderately warm, which is why they are drawn to commercial greenhouses. The species is only comprised of female cockroaches. The egg casing with eggs remains inside the female’s body until they hatch.

Oriental Cockroach Species

Measures up to 1-1/4” in length, with a body that ranges between dark brown and black. The species is comprised of both females and males. To differentiate between the male and female Oriental cockroach, scientists recommend looking for wings, which can be found only on the male. Sightings are more commonly reported in public sewer systems and areas in close proximity to landfills and garbage dumps. The diet is comprised of rotting organic and fecal material.

Pennsylvania Wood Cockroach Species

Measures up to 1” in length, with the male being the largest of the two genders. Sightings are more commonly reported in the Eastern part of the country. Sightings are rarely if ever reported in Buffalo. The species prefers the outdoors in areas with stagnant water. Only a few indoor sightings have been reported in the United States. Nests can be found in decaying building materials and firewood piles.

Smokey Brown Cockroach Species

Measures up to 1-1/2” in length, with a body that varies between brown and reddish/brown. The head plate is one solid color like the Surinam cockroach species. Sightings are more commonly reported in the Southern part of the country, where they are transported by shipping companies. The species has a full set of wings that are a solid brown color.

Mediterranean Spotted Cockroach Species 

Measures up to 1/3” in length, with a tan body that is covered with dark spots. This is the last known cockroach species to arrive in the United States from Europe in the 1900s. The species prefers the outdoors in high-foliage areas. Rare sightings have been reported in residential establishments. They utilize their wings to fly toward bright lighting in the dark.

Why Is My Home Infested With Cockroaches?

Some cockroach species are opportunist insects, as they are always on the search for exterior-to-interior access points leading to ample food, water, and shelter. Owners of cockroach-infested homes and businesses unknowingly send out an invite by allowing access points to remain open. Access points are small crevices, cracks, and other openings near sewer pipes, electrical wiring, doors, and windows.

Are Cockroach Infestations Harmful To Humans?

Cockroaches have been linked to foodborne illnesses, such as salmonella. Cockroaches are carriers of bacteria that spread to humans. Severe cockroach infestations have also been linked to asthma and COPD exacerbation in children and adults. These insects target vulnerable food packages, such as paper boxes, Styrofoam containers, and plastic bags. The cockroach diet is comprised of human feces, household waste, decayed yard debris, and dead insects. Sightings have been reported nationwide, including the city of Buffalo.

How To Safely Eradicate A Cockroach Infestation?

Our cockroach pest control includes commercial-grade pesticides and traps, which are combined together to create the most effective strategy possible. While we believe our cockroach pest control is the best in Buffalo, it will not deliver the maximum results with the help of the client and family. We recommend a doable, realistic, and effective cleaning and waste removal schedules. Eradicating a mild to severe cockroach infestation is a group effort. With every member of the household on board, our exterminators can finally do their jobs, eradicate cockroaches safely and effectively. We work with local entomologists to build our cockroach knowledge to continuously update our pest control services. We do this to stay one step ahead of our competitors and ensure our clients get what they paid for and so much more.

When Should I Expect The Exterminator To Arrive At My Home?

In most cases, our customer support team can dispatch one of our cockroach experts out to the client’s home within 24 to 48 hours of an initial service request.

Is Cockroach Pest Control Pesticides Harmful To The Environment?

Chemical-based insecticides and pesticides play a major role in controlling the insect population. Unfortunately, these products do contain toxins that can be harmful to the environment when mishandled. To eliminate these risks, our exterminators are required to undergo extensive hazardous material training. In addition to this safety effort, our pest control lineup is only comprised of pesticides approved by the US Environmental Protection Agency. EPA-approved pesticides are safe when administered, stored, and handled per the agency’s guidelines.

Can Cockroach Infestations Be Prevented After An Initial Infiltration?

Yes, with the combined effort of the household members, our extermination team, and commercial-grade pesticides. Following a cockroach infiltration, it is only normal to be concerned about future problems and infestations, which is where our cockroach pest management comes into play. We will design and implement a cockroach management strategy specifically for your home. Customized pest control strategies have proved to be more effective than the contemporary or baseline alternative.

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