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Conventional Treatment

Buffalo Conventional Bed Bug Treatment Guaranteed To Work

Conventional pest control treatment includes pesticides, traps, and insecticides.

Researchers at Purdue University conducted a research study to determine the effectiveness rating of pesticides in treating pest infestations. The study showed an initial treatment and secondary treatment are needed to deliver maximum effectiveness.

Our conventional pest control strategy includes the following:

  • Initial in-home visit – visual inspection with or without treatment intervention
  • Second in-home visit – repeat pesticide treatment
  • Third in-home visit – a follow-up (visual inspection with or without treatment intervention)

Our Buffalo extermination company is dedicated to its local community. The team works extended schedules to ensure access to one of the city’s best conventional pest control services. We strive to deliver efficiency on all levels to ensure the best overall results for our clients, workers, and company.

We have always strived to be there for our community in their time of pest control need. To learn more about our conventional bed bug treatment, call our Buffalo office at your earliest convenience.

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