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Lady Bugs

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What Are Ladybugs?

Ladybugs are a common beetle that belongs to the Coccinellidae family. Many ladybugs will grow up to half an inch in length, but some only reach 1/32 inches. They’re scarlet, red, orange, or yellow with black freckles across their wings. The rest of their body and body parts are black. Today, there are more than 5,000 species of ladybugs in the world with 450 being native to North America. Although most are harmless, some species are considered pests in America, Canada, and Europe. However, some ladybugs are beneficial because they can help control aphid, mealybug, and scale insect populations.

The Mall of America often uses ladybugs to control the insect population in its gardens, and it has proven to be very effective.

Why Do I Have Ladybugs?

Are you wondering why ladybugs have decided to enter your home? Well, you should know that ladybugs are a member of the overwintering pest category. As a result, they’re going to try to enter your home during the winter months. The pest species entered North American during the 20th century as a way to reduce aphid populations around crops, but this ultimately creates a problem. Once the ladybug pests found a way to survive through the winter, their population expanded rapidly. Now, pest species has become a major issue in the United States.

Are Ladybugs Dangerous?

Although the presence of ladybugs will be concerned, you can rest assured knowing that they’re not dangerous. Some ladybugs have been known to bite, but they won’t transmit disease, and they shouldn’t break the skin. However, ladybugs can create a mess on your property and in your home. With that being said, you’ll want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. The best way to do this is by working with a qualified pest control expert.

Getting Rid Of Ladybugs

If you don’t mind living with ladybugs, you can guarantee that they’ll try to leave your home when the temperatures rise. These overwintering pests will return to their natural habitat and leave your dwelling. However, you’ll have to put up with their presence during the winter months. Is there a way to get rid of them effectively? Unfortunately, doing so will prove to be difficult because there is no central ladybug nest. You’ll need to eliminate each bug individually, and that can be tiresome. Alternatively, you can work with our exterminators. Our ladybug removal program will get rid of the ladybugs quickly, conveniently, and safely.

Can I Eliminate Ladybugs On My Own?

Although you can try, getting rid of ladybugs on your own will be hard. The problem is that many of these DIY treatments are ineffective, and some of them are dangerous. If you misuse them, you may experience health complications. DIY treatments are not as effective or safe as professional treatments. We recommend working with a pro so you can take care of the problem while minimizing the risks.

When Can You Begin?

You’ll want to contact our local office immediately to schedule an appointment. It’ll take us 24 to 48 hours to visit your home.

Is Your Treatment Safe?

We have worked diligently to ensure that our clients receive safer solutions. Our exterminators have trained diligently and relentlessly to take care of the problem without causing unnecessary health hazards. In addition to this, we only use products that are EPA-registered. As a result, you can sleep soundly knowing that our products are not going to pose a health risk to humans, plants, or pets.

Can I Prevent Ladybug Infestations?

When ladybugs have decided to enter your home, keeping them away will be hard. You shouldn’t have to worry about them during the spring, but they’ll return in late summer. Seal your home from top to bottom to prevent them from entering your home. You should use a sealant to cover the gaps and prevent the ladybugs from sneaking into your home.

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