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Tips To Avoid Bed Bugs When Traveling

There is nothing like packing up the family and hitting the road. It is a much-needed release, especially during these trying times. The only problem with traveling today is, there are innate risks. Risks that are much different than one would imagine. These risks come in the form of a little critter known as a bed bug. Such a little thing can reap mass havoc if given the chance. Luckily, you can avoid or at least greatly reduce your chances of suffering a bed bug infestation when traveling by applying the SLEEP theory. What is the SLEEP theory?


The starting letter in the SLEEP theory is, of course, the S. It is a letter that represents a survey. This one is probably pretty obvious to most, but it is the starting point for this founding theory and extremely important. It means to survey the lay of the land before making yourself at home. Don’t just move into your new digs for the next week or so and assume that all is well. Take the time to survey the land for any potential hiding bed bugs. Check all the potential locations.


The L in the theory is similar to that of the S. It is pretty much just an extended version of the survey, as it means to lift and look. Lift the mattress and physically look under there along with the sheets and box springs. Bed bugs tend to invade mattresses and box spring because it provides them with quick and easy access to their food sources. Start here by lifting and looking under the mattress, sheets, pillows, and box springs. From this point, move on to the furniture, the drapes, and even the baseboards if necessary.


The first E in the theory represents elevate, and it means much more than what you would imagine. This is perhaps, one of the smartest parts of the entire theory. It means pretty much what the name says. It means to elevate your luggage. Bed bugs are extremely talented hitchhikers. They’ll latch right on to just about anything and ride it back to your home. However, they can’t hitch a ride back home if they can’t latch on. This is why you want to make sure that you keep all your luggage and belongings elevate off the floor. Keep them stashed on the racks, above ground level.


The second E in the equation represents examine, and it is no doubt as equally as important as the first or the rest of the theory for that matter. This one means what it says, but it’s in a different manner. Most people probably think this means to examine the room again, but it actually means to reexamine your gear and luggage. Before heading home take the time to make sure that you haven’t acquired any new, unwanted visitors.


The last piece of the theory that ties the whole thing together is the P and it represents placement. It means to place your belongings in the dryer on the highest heat settings for at least 90 minutes when first arriving home. It is a well-documented fact that bed bugs cannot survive specific amounts of heat. At about 100 plus degrees F bed bugs will start to dehydrate and dry out. Apply these levels of heat to them for a half-hour or more and you’ll completely dry them out.

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