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Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

You don’t need anyone reminding you just how much money you’ve spent on your home over the years. If you are an educated and informed homeowner, you can likely calculate right down to the cent the amount of money you’ve spent on your home. This aside, it is likely by no means a low amount. This is why it only makes sense to cut no corners when it comes to insect defense. Insects can reap havoc on your home and family life. After the money and time you’ve spent building your home, it just doesn’t make sense to cut corners now.

Bed Bug Mattress Covers

Taking the above into account, if you aren’t already utilizing a proper bed bug cover, you are equivocally leaving your door unlocked and wide open in the middle of the night. Not properly utilizing a proper bed bug cover is pretty much the same thing. And given that ninety percent of bed bugs are going to end up in the mattress, it only makes sense to take advantage. So, what are bed bug covers and what exactly can they contribute to the protection of your home?

What Exactly Is A Mattress Protector?

A mattress protector is pretty much what the name suggests. It is a product that protects your mattress. However, it does it in a really simplistic, but genius manner. What exactly is a mattress protector? Think of a big Ziploc bag with a zipper on one end. It encases your mattress, securing it from the outside world while trapping everything inside in and keeping everything out, out. If a bed bug becomes trapped inside one of these encasements it will be unable to escape and feed.

According to some of the latest studies and reports, it will only take right around two weeks for a bug to die from starvation. So mattress protectors will not only kill out bed bugs, but they could be a potential deterrent, helping you safeguard your home and family from such critters. Wouldn’t you much rather prevent an infestation than having to eliminate one?

Choosing The Right Mattress Cover

There is no denying that a mattress cover looks great on paper. Anyone that can prevent an infestation will likely jump at the chance to do so. The only problem is, mattress covers can be tricky. If not installed properly or functioning right, they can be completely useless. Go back to the Ziploc bag theory. If your sandwich isn’t properly sealed inside, it’s not going to protect against germs. How do you make sure you have a proper mattress cover?

Is It A Full Encasement?

First and foremost, the topper or cover must completely cover your mattress. If a Ziploc bag only half covers your sandwich, it is going to offer all the protection and freshness needed. The same theory applies to a mattress cover. Look for covers and toppers that completely encase your mattress.

Is There A Proper Seal?

Now, just because a mattress cover completely covers your mattress, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are home-free. The mattress cover must still properly seal. The whole idea is to trap bugs inside and prevent them from escaping. If there isn’t a proper seal the bug can travel to your mattress, feed on you while you are sleeping, and go back to hiding the mattress. The cover must offer a proper seal and prevent the bug from escaping the mattress.

Was Testing Done?

Just because a mattress topper looks good on paper, it doesn’t mean that it’ll hope up in real-life situations. There are a lot of things that look good on paper but fall completely apart when applied in real-life situations. The same can happen to mattress covers, and this is why you must make sure your cover has been tested in real situations. The best mattress covers will likely undergo even more rigorous testing just to ensure quality assurance.

Chemical And Toxin-Free?

Pesticides and chemicals used to be a big problem in the exterminator industry. They were effective at deterring and fight bed bugs, but they just weren’t safe. Unfortunately, the same is still the same today. There are some more eco-friendly options available, but there aren’t as effective. This is why a lot of mattress topper manufacturers opt to combine their topper with chemicals to add an extra means of fighting bed bugs.

Do These Products Really Work?

If you research mattress toppers and covers, you’ll get mixed reviews. This is because there is so much that can go wrong with them. A small rip, tear, hole, or improper installation could lead to a malfunctioning or ineffective product. Sometimes it’s by manufacturer design and sometimes it due to user error. Whatever the situation, this is why it is usually best to deal with professional pest control companies that can help you apply several effective methods.

Regardless of the method, it is always best to employ several different bed bug solutions when fighting an infestation.

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